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Are you really interested in safety? Keeping up with new technologies and processes? Looking for ways to grow and streamline your business? All of the above? No matter your area of interest NECA makes it easy for you to identify the education programs that are right for you. If your focus is safety, you may stick to our Standards and Safety track. If it’s new technologies, Technology, Process, and Innovation is the place for you. Or you can mix and match, attending a session on LED lighting and then one on leadership.

NECA’s Convention is all about providing you with a unique experience to gain access to the best speakers in the country on topics that are relevant to you.  No matter your area of interest, NECA makes it easy for you to identify the education programs that are right for you.

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Education Tracks

Tracks are a series of in-depth discussions about cutting edge technology, new business strategies, best practices and opportunities. Each education session or workshop is categorized by one or more of the following five tracks to help you better plan your learning experience:

Business Management

Getting the work, making your contract work, and preparing for the future are essential steps in growing your business for tomorrow. This track focuses on business practices to strengthen and grow your company.

Leadership and Communications

Strong leaders make strong companies. Building your workforce right and keeping them happy keeps them productive and keeps you profitable. This track focuses on how to be and build strong leaders.

Project Management

Getting the work is only part of the battle. How you manage risk, manage your crews, and perform the work decide if you win or lose.  This track focuses on how what takes place in the field can affect your company’s bottom line.

Standards and Safety

Keeping up with the latest safety best practices, regulations, and standards are critically important for your company. This track focuses on ways to create a safety culture in your company, keep you abreast of current regulations, and help you prepare for tomorrow’s rules.

Technology, Process, and Innovation

There is always something new. Always something that can put you ahead. From smart energy advancements to BIM, this track focuses on new technological developments, process improvements, and opportunities that help you grow and change your business.

Plan Your Schedule

Attendees will find a complete matrix of the five tracks on our website at that chronologically outlines all sessions by topic, so you can create a custom plan to fit your needs.


Select courses will offer Continuing Education Hours. To avoid any confusion or problems at the state level, NECA strongly recommends you check with your state authority prior to the Convention to find out whether they will grant CEUs for management education programs held at NECA 2014 Chicago. Find information on your state electrical contractor licensing boards. Have questions about the CE Hours offered? Contact